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ABCD course

This program aims helping non-tech professionals such as HR, marketing, sales, finance, general management, or even senior management to gain a basic understanding of the essence of the latest technologies: Artificial Intelligence (A), Blockchain (B), Cloud (C) and Data (D) in a fun, layman and engaging way.

We use experiential learning methods and approach for participants to experience the latest technologies so that they are more ready to embrace digital transformation in their own discipline and excel in the ABCD+ era.


Program Objectives:

  • To gain a high-level understanding of the latest digital trends powering enterprise 4.0 with creativity and innovation.


  • To learn about different use cases and applications in various industries and disciplines.

  • To understand why non-tech professionals need to have a basic understanding of the evolution of the ABCD+ in order to stay competitive and relevant.

Program format:

  • Lunch & Learn

  • 2-hour session

  • Half-day session

  • Full-day session

  • Blended learn session

  • E-learning

  • Micro-learning

  • Mini design thinking

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