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About Us

Are you Technophobia or Technophilia?

Heeding the arrival of the Digital 3.0 era, we aim to build confidence and preparation for non-technical professionals by using advanced technologies to face digital transformations. 

We see talents across all industries and functions developing innovation competencies to harness technologies and reconnect people.

Steam Building offers engaging experiential learning O2O
(online-to-offline) platforms for non-IT professionals/ executives to gain confidence in new technologies.

Technophobia _ the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers.
Technophilia _ have strong enthusiasm for technology, especially new technologies.  

Reconnect People Harness Technology

Our Vision & Mission

Steam Building seeks all talents across industries to be practising new technologies and be reconnected, with the ability to enhance growth mindset, discipline and skills to harness technology. 


We offer innovative, engaging experiential learning O2O platforms for non-IT professionals and executives to gain confidence under the digitalised era and new technologies.

Our Journey

Our Clients & Partners

Meet The Team

Dr. Andrew Ma

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Co-Founder, Director

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Jeffery Yim

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Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Warren Li

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Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

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Leadership and Talent Development Consultant


Adrian Sze

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Project Executive

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Sarah Chao

General Manager

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