Digital2.0 era - ABCD+

Technologies in the past 5-10 years are developing at an insanely fast pace. Many technologies, coined ABCD+ (AI, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Data + VR, 5G, IoT…), are making an enormous impact on all businesses around the world. The employee needs to be more aware and understand how to leverage different technologies in their day to day work to increase performance. Unfortunately, our experience working with many various organizations has made us realize that most non-tech employees are not well equipped, nor having the right mindset towards technologies.  

We aim for “Tech for non-Tech” i.e., helping the no-tech professionals such as HR, marketing, sales, finance, general management, or even senior management. To experience technologies by purpose playing so that they are more ready to embrace technological changes at work in the Digital 2.0 era.