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Team Building 2.0
Purpose Play for Performance

Our Teambuilding 2.0 program contains different Purpose Play for Performance aspects aiming to equip participants with diverse performance-enhancing soft skills (reconnect people) and hard skills (technologies).

We aim for "Tech for non-Tech", eliminating fear and unfamiliarity to technology for non-tech participants. In addition, we help clients and participants reconnecting with each other, harness unfamiliar technologies so that they can be ready to embrace technological challenges at work in the Digital 3.0 era.

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A fun & exciting experiential activity using advanced technology for corporate team building.


It will surely encourage cross-departmental communications and radical collaborations to achieve team goals. 


Effective communications, coordination and creativities will be practised within this fun activity.

Participants will take away with growth mindsets & teamwork experiences and bring effective collaboration across departments and teams.

Short Video


An engaging activity that best practises effective and high-level communications, collaboration, leadership and trust within teams. 


Participants will take away with a growth mindset, empathy and effective communication within teams and cross-departments.

Learning Outcomes

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