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Asia's first Experiential Activity on Blockchain

Participants can understand the fundamental concepts of blockchain by participating in a fun board game.


We integrate layman examples, polling, chatroom,  multi-media sharing and experiential learning practices to increase engagement and sustainability of learning.

Program Objectives

  • To enable non-tech background staffs gaining a basic understanding and key concepts of the latest technology trends in Blockchain. 

  • To let participants gain basic hands-on experience to try and operate Blockchain technologies in fun and experiential ways.  

  • To be inspired by applications and case studies on how other businesses worldwide use Blockchain technologies in different industries.  

Coinopoly 1.jpg

Program Outline

  • Definition of Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

  • Explanation on the benefits of decentralisation architecture that enables peer to peer transactions

  • Walkthrough of Operation in Distributed Ledger among Networks nodes Explanation on Consensus Protocols that facilitate trust in a decentralised architecture

  • Illustration of the concept of asymmetric key encryption

  • Public Key & Private Key

  • Highlight the benefits of Smart Contract that can eliminate 3rd parties Explanation of the benefits of Distributed APP (DAPP) on Blockchain network

Coinopoly 2.jpg
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